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tv   Newsline Prime Time 30min  KCSMMHZ  March 17, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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hello there, welcome to "newsline." authorities in china have engaged in corrupt practices for years, from local business men to senior communist party officials. china's new premier says he's going to do something about it. he says he's ready to stick the knife into vested interest. >> once you become a public
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servant you have to work hard for people. you must abandon the desire to make money out of it. >> he outlined measures to reduce the amount of items that involved cabinet departments by a third. china's new foreign minister has made some promises of his own. he said he's determined to protect the nation's interest including its sofr at this and security. foreign ministry official posted his message on the website. he assumed his new post on saturday. he says china needs to deepen its understanding of the world and vice versa. he wanted to work toward friendly cooperation with other countries. wang served as an ambassador to
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japan. japan controls the senkaku islands. china is caught up in disputes with other nations over islands in the south china sea. prim minister abe says he want does protect japan's interests. he wants his country to play a larger role in the japan/u.s. security alliance. >> translator: the security environment surrounding this country is different than four years ago when you entered this academy. it has become increasingly severe with japan's air, sea, and land facing provocation. >> abe told graduates that during an emergency they're entrusted with the responsibility to protect the lives and property of the japanese people. he urged them not to hesitate and to take on all tasks no
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matter how harsh they may be. he says japan will increase expenditures for the first time in 11 years. he'll improve capabilities of the south defense forces. norea has been threatening to launch a nuclear attack on the u.s. and now the country has washed that japan is also a target. the north has been criticizing japan for reenforcing the sanctions it's imposed against the country. the ruling korean workers newspaper issued a story. the security council resolution imposed additional sanctions on north korea for conducting its third nuclear test. the commentary warns that if the u.s. lights the fuse of a
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nuclear war japan will not be spared. north korea says it used a smaller, lighter atomic bomb in itd test. the north is believed to have deployed about 200 midrange ballistic missiles with a range that covers most parts of japan. some local governments in japan with nuclear plans in their jurisdiction will likely miss monday's deadline for reviewing their disaster control plans. other municipalities have already finished the process but have yet to draw up concrete evacuation plans. the nuclear regulation authority reviewed their disaster control measures based on new sets of
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guidelines. they expand from the kufrnt 10 kilometers to 306789 they also require evacuation or stay at home orders to be issued based on radiation dosage. a nhk survey shows only 46% of local governments said they'll be able to finish reviewing their disaster control plans to meet the deadline. some municipalities say the central government was too late in revising the guidelines and providing explanations necessary for them to review their community based plans. others say they don't know where to evacuate residents or don't vt means to evacuate a large number of people japan's looking to the private sector for decontamination methods. the selected methods will be posted on the ministry's website. the ministry has been carrying
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out decontamination operations with affected municipalities. but some experts say the work isn't being done properly because of a lack of information on effective methods. under the new plan an expert panel will choose effective decontamination techniques used by private firms. ministry officials say they hope the plan will facilitate the techniques that suit each municipality's needs. they're hoping the government evaluation system will promote efforts by the private sector to help with decontamination methods. people in northeastern japan have struggled through one challenge after another for two years. those living in fukushima are facing another crisis, medical care. hundreds of professionals have moved elsewhere, putting a strain on those left behind. nhk world reports.
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>> reporter: this hospital, compared to two years ago it's seeing 20,000 more patients a year, including more people who have to leave their homes near the coast. this is a specialist in gastroenterology. before the quake the hospital had nine specialists in this field. now there are only three. they are seeing more than 200 patients a day. he moves from one section of the hospital to another. he runs. there's no time to spare. >> i can't waste a second. >> reporter: a man in his 60s has come to the hospital for the first time. he's here because he can't visit his neighborhood hospital since the disaster.
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>> translator: since you've come a long way, i'd like to examine you right away. >> reporter: he knows it's best to act promptly. in the past patients had to wait for tests and ended up needing emergency surgery. the test confirms the patient has colon cancer. >> i can't let them go home until i'm sure they're okay. to us they're one patient in a hundred. but to the patient there's only one doctor. so i have to respect their feelings. >> reporter: the hospital's basic policy is no patient will be refused. but it's not that easy. >> we're heir at the point where we cannot accept any more patients. >> reporter: sometimes there are no beds available. and all outpatient appoint.
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s are on hold. >> translator: unless we can get them help -- we're facing a break down in medical care. >> reporter: the number of doctors in fukushima has declined considerably. more than 500 more doctors are needed in the prefecture. those who have left have their own reasons. this one moved to a neighboring prefecture. his wife was already started. after five months worrying about the effect of the radiation he decided to move away. >> translator: if i'd been single i would have stayed. i'm not young any more, but i realized that my family will to be my priority. not a day goes by that i don't think about fukushima.
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>> reporter: a staff member from the hospital has traveled down to tokyo. he's on a mission to hire more doctors. he visits a university hospital to ask if they can send some of their specialists. >> translator: instead of one year, how about six months? starting in april? >> reporter: after long goegss an agreement is reached. the hospital will now receive one university doctor every six months. mean while, this doctor is still working all out, seeing as many patients as he can. >> translator: we are waiting for help to arrive. but in the meantime, we're doing the best we can. trying to keep this hospital going. and fukushima.
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>> reporter: first a great tsunami and nuclear disaster. now a crisis in medical care. the dedicated doctors of fukushima remain on the front line. nhk world. kenya's defeated candidate odinga has challenged the result of the election. he alleges there was balance lot rigging. deputy prime minister was
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declared the winner with just over 50% of the vote. however, rival odinga filed an objection. he claimed more votes were cast at some polling stations than the number of registered voters. local media report that police fired tear gas. they gathered in front of the supreme court and refused to leave. odinga also made allegations of vote rigging in 2007. the claim sparked protests. more than 1100 people died in the rioting. italy has elected speakers for upper and lower houses but italians see no end in sight over the wrangling of a new government. the center left coalition became the largest group in both chambers in last month's election. but it could not gain a majority in the upper house. a new government must be
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approved by a majority of votes in both chambers. the center leftists will need to team up with the center right block or the five star movement party. the coalition wants to continue fiscal austerity. but the five star movement opposes au start missures. it remains uncertain if the parties can agree on the framework of a new government before wednesday. the united states has switched its patent law to a first to file system. this basically means that the invent irwho makes the first application can obtain the pat ents. the u.s. government revised the procedures to harmonize the systems in japan and european countries. attention is focused on how the change will affect pat ents
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lawsuits and the business strategies of companies operating in the u.s. tens of thousands of people in iraq have staged an anti-u.s. rallies ahead of the 10th anniversary of the invasion of the country on march 20th. the protesters gathered in the central city in response to an appeal by those supporting al sadr. they condemn the u.s. led war which is believed to have killed over 100,000 civilians. they cite an insufficient amount of electricity. security remains unstable in the war torn country. terrorist attacks and violence continue as well as political divisions among sectarian groups
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japan has won broad approval from african countries for a declaration to be announced in june. an outline was presented on saturday at a meeting f. it brought together dell gats from around 50 african nations. he said countries want not just aid but also increased trade and investment. >> translator: our goal is for the japanese government to serve as an intermediary between the two parties and help realize growth led by the private sector. in proposing the declaration, it was said that it will highlight public and private coordination in assisting africa in such areas as infrastructure building,
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training and the improvement of legal systems. african dell gats largely voiced support for the declaration the 11 day conference ended. they voted to restrict the international trade of three types of sharks and two species of manta rays. with illegal trade of wildlife remains rampant. poaching has pushed one animal in cambodia to the brink of extinction. nhk has more. >> reporter: this is the only mammal that's scarce. it lives mainly in southeast asia and africa. their numbers have shrunk in recent years.
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this has prompted their lists as an endangered species. the international trade of the animal is prohibited. poaching is a problem in the western cambodia. this is the most serious area where the smuggling case is still going on until now. the cambodian government and an international activist group patrol together. they say they catch a poacher two days ago. poachers often use loop traps. these ensure the animal's paws as the rope tightens. chinese buyers pay high prices to use these animals in delicacies and medicine.
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poachers use these vehicles to smuggle animals. officials found three animalis hidden in this wheel latch. poachers can pass inspections because many officers only look inside the car and the trunks. these workers say smuggling remains rampant because people are desperate for money. >> translator: it's too bad these animals will always be in danger of extinction as long as people keep smuggling them for money. if the situation doesn't change they will disappear. >> reporter: they still haven't discovered how they operate. 40 years ago, the convention on the international trade of endangered species were let out in washington. now the job of its supporters is to coordinate and increase
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efforts to stop fauna and flora from becoming history. nhk world. japan's manufacturing sector is go to take another hit. domestic production of household appliances in fiscal 2013 is expected to drop for a third consecutive year. that's because manufacturers are likely to continue moving their production bases overseas. the japan electrical manufacturer's association estimates the manufacture of white goods, including air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators will total $16.6 billion in the new business year that starts in april. the figure is down 2.8% from the previous year. that puts it at the level following the 2011 or rather 2008 shock which lowered demand for household appliances. manufacturer are expected to
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relocate sites to newly emerging economies. they want to take advantage of lower costs. analysts say if the figure continues to drop, it will affect regional economies in japan as well as employment. elderly japanese suffering from dementia could soon be using the latest technology to help them lead more fulfilling lives. the research institute of the national rehabilitation center for persons with disabilities organized an event to display their newest equipment. about 100 people attended, including family members and helpers who look after people with dementia. a pill case reminds users to take their medicine and even prevents accidental overdoses. the case is fitted with an alarm and dispenses the correct amount of medicine. researchers said 19 elderly people who forgot to take pills more than once a week tried using the case.
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after three months, 14 of them found it helpful. other equipment included a transmitter attached to purses or keys. when a remote control button is pushed the equipment emits a sound to help the user locate the eye tim. an electronic calendar also uses sound to remind people of their daily schedules. more than 3 million elderly people suffer from dementia. and the figure is expected to rise in the future. a see orresearch center official said the new equipment can help those with mild symptoms to live at home. japanese skiers have set a new world record for skiing in a long line. 290 skiers set the record in an event organized by ski resort operators in ewau day prefixture. they ranged from 4 to 74. they held a rope and slowly went
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down the course. all of them managed to cross the finishing line. >>. >> translator: i'm exhausted and sweaty. >> it was great fun. >> reporter: officials from guinness world records confirm the new world record for the longest line of skiers. will, people in hung gary are trying to clear roads after a snowstorm. what can you till us? severe snowstorm has battered parts of sen krall europe over the weekend. let's show you what it was like in hungary. a major snowstorm battered last weekend. dozens of major roadways were blocked due to the heavy snow and about 50,000 people were ris cued nationwide. while 4,000 vehicles were
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recovered. the snowstorm also brought wide spread power outages to more than 100,000 people. snow eased over the weekend. but the roads are going to be still remaining closed. as you can see here in the satellite picture cloud could have raj is still there. and then it's going to be moving towards the eastern areas over the midweek. but still yet you can see this blue blob with a little bit of pink shade in around chezech republic. this is going to be bringing again another travel disturbance for the week. over towards the british isles it's going to be wet and windy. here across london and southern u.k. this is all going to be light rain. but the temperatures are still very chilly. single digits in london and in paris. and high pressure covers much of northern europe. so that is going to be making
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the frigid air bring down the temperatures. moscow and stockholm both minus 3 degrees. a winter storm is traveling across the u.s. canada border. it will be battering south dakota, iowa and minnesota with some blizzard conditions that could create some whiteout conditions. so we advise you not to even go outdoors. do watch out if you must travel. and here across the east we have this stretching associated with this low pressure system traveling across the area. this will be bringing heavy rain and some freezing rain across northeast. due to the ample moisture sur jing from the gulf this would see some severe thunderstorms and hail and wind gusts as well as some tornadic activity not be being ruled out. this is where critical fire weather is in effect. and houston, a 30 degrees
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temperature wise but a very different story in winnipeg at minus 10 degrees. over toward the asia we have snow covering the northeast china. thin towards north korea. but the south korea's seeing very heavy rain. that will be moving in towards japan, covering much of the archipelago. this is going to be very heavy rain, about 150 millimeters into the next 24 hours. we may see some sudden bursts of showers about 50 millimeters. that's going to be associated with some rumbles of thunder. these are all going to be quite critical across the area. and also heavy rain could cause flash floods and landslides as well. 13 in seoul.
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so warming up there and staying in the 30s in the tropics. i'll leave you now for your extended forecast.
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that concludes this edition of "newsline." thank you for joining us.
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